We offer one-on-one in store fittings to ensure that your pointe shoes fit properly to decrease risks of injuries. If you have questions about what shoes or accessories we carry or would like to schedule an appointment please feel free to contact us by email or phone.

Pointe Shoes We Carry:

Bloch: Hannah, Heritage, European Balance, Eurostretch, Grace, Elegance, Superlative, Synthesis

Capezio: Ava, Dontella, Développé, Cambré, Kylee

NEW! Freed of London: Freed Studio II, Freed Classic Professional

Gaynor Minden: Classic, Sleek, Sculpted

Grishko: 2007SS, Nova Soft, Ulanova I, Elite

Russian Pointe: Rubin, Brava, Lumina, Muse, Entrada Pro

Suffolks: Stellar, Spotlight, Sonnet, Solo

Please note, if we do not have your brand, style, size, or strength in store we are more than happy to place a special order for you. 


Pointe Shoe Fitting Request:


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Pre-orders for Recitals due by April 20, 2019